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Social Media Policy

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Background and Purpose

Why use social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube? Because in today’s media landscape, it’s vitally important to be where our customers are. Facebook has more than 750 million users, Twitter has 175 million registered users, and LinkedIn has 101 million users worldwide. Social media is unique in that it offers the opportunity to engage in two-way conversations with our customers. Social media has enabled new ways to initiate conversations, respond to feedback, and maintain an active dialogue with customers. Being involved with social media has a direct positive impact on APMG’s search engine ranking. In addition, it will grow our brand, strengthen the connection between APMG and our customers, and keep us grounded and aware of what people really think about our company. It’s well worth the time invested. 

Social Media Policy

Social media has been labeled as either the salvation or death of organizations—something to be revered or feared. Regardless, it is here to stay. It is a tool that can be used for good or bad and therefore the Technology Workgroup believes that it is imperative that APMG establish guidelines for social media.

Social media has its own culture, norms and etiquette. We need to teach our members how to use the new media and elaborate its advantages and its dangers. APMG members should all be aware that anti-harassment, ethics and company loyalty extend to all forms of communication (including social media) both inside and outside the workplace. All of us need to remember that bashing APMG or our co-workers or medical facilities, etc. online can lead to consequences at work. The Policy, approved by the APMG Board, clearly defines what is expected and what will happen if individuals fail to follow the guidelines.

The policy the Technology workgroup developed provides a format for this education. But the technology group does not plan to just publish the guidelines and expect people to follow them. We hope to provide hands on training and exposure to social media for business use. Some of this education is found on the following pages but more detail will await a formal APMG directorship course.