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Digital Pathology Resources

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Whole slide imaging is on a fast track to adoption. The resources for implementation are found on the Digital Pathology Association website and the College of American Pathologists website.

The websites offer a long list of resource material ranging from webinars and audio sessions to courses and white papers. The Digital Pathology Resource Guide is particularly valuable if you are looking for peer-reviewed references and stories from early adopters.

This web page will be continually updated as more material is curated.

The Digital Pathology Association, founded in March 2009, is giving digital pathology a voice and an annual Pathology Visions conference, which the organization has sponsored for the past two years.


The association’s mission is to facilitate “education and awareness of digital pathology in health care.” Its members are encouraged to share and promote best practices.

The DPA also aims to help the industry address regulatory issues that the FDA needs to resolve, such as using whole slide imaging for primary diagnosis. The DPA hopes to work with the College of American Pathologists to provide useful information to FDA as it formulates its primary diagnosis regulations.

View the CAP Today article on the DPA here.
The DPA sponsors the Pathology Visions conference each year. APMG Pathologist Eric F. Glassy, MD, FCAP was the keynote speaker for 2013.

Webinars, White Papers, FAQs, discount to Pathology Visions Conference, Glossary, Vendor Directory and other educational materials are all accessible on line. Some of the resources require
DPA membership.

The CAP has committed considerable resources to the adoption of digital pathology. 


It formed a Digital Pathology Working Group to help the adoption of this disruptive technology. APMG pathologist Eric F. Glassy, MD, FCAP is the current chairman. The committee will encourage the expanded use of digital pathology both within the College (primarily using Digital Scope technology) as well as for community and academic pathologists.

The CAP has created a number of publications for pathologists who are considering or actively planning to adopt digital pathology technology. One of the best is a
resource guide available to CAP members. Pathology Resource Guides have been created to highlight current resources for pathologists interested in adopting or thinking about adopting these technologies.

Topics discussed include getting started in digital pathology (including setting up and validating your digital pathology system, platform selection, workflow and informatics standards), current and emerging applications of digital pathology. Example content includes insights from adopters, selected journal articles and white papers, education opportunities and webinars.

Resource Guide content was identified by current adopters of digital pathology. For each resource, there is a title, citation, summary, and a link to the resource (indicating if it is free or if there are costs associated with obtaining it).

Guide content is updated regularly and subscriptions to the Guides are free for CAP member registrants. 

Another perspective is in the form of an eBook,
New Paths, New Choices. the describe the Transformation of Pathology. One chapter is devoted to digital pathology, using as a backdrop the use of whole slide imaging for remote interpretation of frozen sections.

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Validation Studies

The CAP created a series of support articles and webinars surrounding Whole Slide Imaging Validation recommendations published in the Archives of Pathology. Dr. Liron Pantanowitz and his working group are responsible for the material. There is a webinar, FAQs, guideline summary, and the Archives article itself. This is a groundbreaking article that lays out the validation steps for primary diagnosis of whole slide images.


Digital Pathology Webinars

The transformation office of the CAP has developed a series of webinars for pathologists that deal with new and emerging fields of Genomics, In Vivo Microscopy, and Digital Imaging.

Three webinars focus on digital imaging, as listed below.
Ken Bloom, MD talks about the uses of whole slide imaging in pathology. You can download the PDF of the webinar here.
The New Pathology Paradigm

Richard Friedberg, MD, PhD, FCAP talks about changes in pathology, including digital pathology. This is an audio only webinar.
Validating Whole Slide Image Use in Pathology

Liron Pantanowitz, MD, FCAP leads discussion of the new validation recommendations for primary diagnosis using whole slide imaging.
How Can WSI (Whole Slide Imaging) Improve Your Pathology Practice?

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CAP Today Articles

The CAP Today periodical has run numerous articles on digital pathology. Several interesting ones are listed below.
News Release. College of American Pathologists Offers First Evidence-Based Guideline for Validating Whole Slide Imaging
Parade of Hopefuls in Digital Patholog

Pathologists are now able to view the historical collection of over 18,000 surgical pathology slides maintained by Juan Rosai, MD. Aperio/Leica has made the collection available in whole slide image format.
Juan Rosai Collection

CAP Today Article. Dirk Soenksen, founder and chief executive officer of the digital imaging company Aperio, spoke about “The Road to Digital Pathology” at the company’s 2006 Pathology Visions show. This is an edited transcript of his remarks.
Getting Everyone on the Same Digital Page