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Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Orange, California
Now Staffed by APMG Pathologists

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Adam Stelling, MD and Nick Gallegos, MD are the new Directors of Pathology Services at Providence St. Joseph Hospital, Orange. Rounding out the team is Wamda Goreal, MD.

Drs. Stelling, Gallegos, and Goreal
Dr. Stelling, Dr. Gallegos, and Dr. Goreal.
Stelling and Gallegos
Dr. Gallegos and Dr. Stelling.
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Dr. Gallegos consults on a GU case.
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Dr. Goreal preparing for tumor conference.

Congratulations to James Harris, MD, on his second year as President of the California Society of Pathologists

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James Harris, MD, president of APMG, is also president of the California Society of Pathologists.
If you are not already part of this organization, please consider joining. The work of CSP members and volunteer leadership benefits every pathologist in California. Members enjoy:
  • Legislative representation
  • Discounted registration to Annual Meeting
  • Resources and legal guidance
  • Commitment to Residents and Fellows who represent the future of pathology
Visit the CSP website HERE.

Loma Linda Pathologists' Assistant Program Partners with APMG

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APMG medical centers are contracted with the Loma Linda Pathologists' Assistant school to help train students in gross dissection. After classroom teaching, students do clinical rotations of varying lengths with several APMG-affiliated hospitals. The program has been very successful and provides real-world experience for the trainees. Above is the 2021 graduating class. Below, one of the students discusses dissection technique with Dr. Kelli Chase.

Long Beach California, October 25, 2022
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Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group embarked on a Strategic Planning effort in 2011 which culminated in a full day seminar called Advance 1.0. (The program was similar to a retreat but we preferred to call it an Advance). APMG’s Strategic Plan assessed and defined the mission, vision, and goals that will drive APMG’s work and partnerships for the foreseeable future. We felt that by planning now and focusing our resources for the coming years, APMG would be able to respond to the rapid health care reform changes that are occurring in our environment, economy, and society. The program was successful and is now a yearly event. Our 9th Advance was held in July, 2019. Due to COVID, we took a hiatus but we held our 10th gathering October 25th of 2023.

Presentations included:
• Wamda Goreal, MD: Thoracic SMARCA4-Deficient Undifferentiated Tumor
• R. Jeanna Su, MD: Patient History & Clinical Correlation – A Case Presentation
• Eric F. Glassy, MD: How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint

The event was capped off with a dinner that included APMG staff and pathologists, both active and emeritus.

James Harris, MD, APMG President, Discusses the Importance of Advocacy.

The College of American Pathologists interviewed Dr. Harris about protecting the future of pathology by supprting advocacy and how being first and being involved are his keys to success. Click the image to view the video.

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