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Loma Linda Pathologists' Assistant Program Partners with APMG

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APMG medical centers are contracted with the Loma Linda Pathologists' Assistant school to help train students in gross dissection. After classroom teaching, students do clinical rotations of varying lengths with several APMG-affiliated hospitals. The program has been very successful and provides real-world experience for the trainees. Above is the 2021 graduating class. Below, one of the students discusses dissection technique with Dr. Kelli Chase.

Kelli Chase, MD Named Chair of the Department of Surgery at Adventist Health St. Helena

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Kelli Chase, MD moved from chair of the Wellness Committee to chair of the department of Surgery.

James Harris, MD Elected Vice President of California Society of Pathologists

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James Harris, MD becomes vice president of the CSP for 2021-2022. He will be president in 2023.

Nicholas Harding-Jackson, MD and Dr. Mark Zuckerman, MD appointed Northern California Adventist Hospitals Medical Directors

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Dr. Nicholas Harding-Jackson and Dr. Mark Zuckerman appointed co-medical directors of Adventist Health Mendocino Coast, Adventist Health Ukiah Valley, and Adventist Health Howard Memorial.


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This is a critical time for pathology. The COVID-19 pandemic presents a tremendous challenge to laboratories, laboratory personnel, and the pathologists who are on the front lines. Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group, with it 15 hospitals and healthcare facilities has experienced the same issues with testing, staffing challenges, workload revisions, and working remotely. We continue to support our community members who are personally medically, financially affected by the crisis.

Please click
HERE to read some of our stories.

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APMG President James Harris MD and Kim Mislick, MD, PhD receive their first dose of COVID-19 vaccine at Olympia Hospital.

Oregon Pathologists Association Hosts Scott Binder, MD on August 29th

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Dr. Binder will be giving a virtual dermatopathology seminar, hosted by the Oregon Pathologists Association. The date is August 29th from 9am-Noon Pacific Time. Two main topics will be discussed:
  • Nevoid Melanomas
  • Primary cutaneous adnexal tumors versus visceral Mets from unknown primaries

More details can be found HERE.

Scott Binder, MD Speaks at CAP's Virtual Lecture Series for Pathology Residents

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To help resident members get high-quality education-based content during this unique and challenging time, the College of American Pathologists is offering a virtual lecture series during the month of April. These lectures are delivered by experts from across the United States and cover a broad spectrum of anatomic pathology and clinical pathology topics. APMG pathologist Scott Binder, MD is lecturing April 14th. The topic is Solar Melanoma. More details on the program can be found HERE.

Changes to CLIA Licensing in the Time of COVID-19

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The CAP and others have successfully lobbied the CMS to waive the requirement for a CLIA-license to sign out cases remotely provided that the designated primary site does have a CLIA certificate. The waiver also includes review of clinical pathology images and data (e.g.,electropherograms, gel images, fluorescence in situ hybridization, molecular results, flow cytometry dot plots, blood bank and HLA data).

This waiver is important because it will preserve the continuity of patient care, ensure ongoing quality by getting cases to the appropriate pathologists where subspecialty review is required, and will optimize the safety of pathologists by minimizing their exposure to busy hospitals with a concentration of patients, specimens and surfaces harboring SARS-CoV-2.

There have been many questions about the impact of this waiver and what remote sign-out actually entails.

In response, the Digital and Computational Pathology Committee and the Informatics committee of the CAP has created a set of Frequently Asked Questions. This effort was led by Andy Evans, MD who chairs the Digital and Computational Pathology Committee and APMG pathologist Eric Glassy, MD who chairs the Information Technology Leadership Committee of the CAP.

Please click HERE to go to the CAP FAQ page about remote sign-out.

James Harris, MD, APMG President, Discusses the Importance of Advocacy.

The College of American Pathologists interviewed Dr. Harris about protecting the future of pathology by supprting advocacy and how being first and being involved are his keys to success. Click the image to view the video.

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APMG at USCAP 2020

Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group was well represented at the USCAP meeting in Los Angeles. Eric F. Glassy, MD presented two talks. The first was part of the CAP Residents Forum, entitled Blue Pill or Red Pill? Artificial intelligence & You. The second was part of the CAP Companion Society meeting entitled Fear & Loathing in Pathology: The Disruptive Force of Digitalization.

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Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group embarked on a Strategic Planning effort in 2011 which culminated in a full day seminar called Advance 1.0. (The program was similar to a retreat but we preferred to call it an Advance). APMG’s Strategic Plan assessed and defined the mission, vision, and goals that will drive APMG’s work and partnerships for the foreseeable future. We felt that by planning now and focusing our resources for the coming years, APMG would be able to respond to the rapid health care reform changes that are occurring in our environment, economy, and society. The program was successful and is now a yearly event. Our 8th Advance was held in July, 2018.

This years presenters and topics:
  • Suchetha Adiga, MD – HPV- Truths and Trivia
  • Nicholas Harding Jackson, MD – Common diagnostic dilemmas in GU pathology
  • Michelle Fajardo, DO – Breast Cancer: Changes In the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, 8th Edition
  • James Harris, MD – CAP Advocacy/PathPAC/Leadership
  • Jeffrey Virgin, MD – Two Colon Polyposis Cases with Subtle Findings
  • Georgia Tunstill, MD – HER2 Testing in Breast Cancer; 2018 Guidelines
  • Eric Glassy, MD – The Future of Pathology is Artificial

A special thank you to those Physicians and Staff who helped with the planning, prizes and breakout sessions: Sharon VanWaardenburg, Stanette Kennebrew, JD, MBA and Drs. Rashidi, Peake, Duffy, Dellamaggiora and De Vito.

APMG's New President: James Harris, MD

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James Harris, MD is the new APMG president, directing the board of 7 pathologists, 18 shareholders and 40 pathologist members. He is medical director at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles and APMG Lab and also chariman of the APMG Recruitment Committee. He has extensive experience in flow cytometry, including technical only flow, immunohistochemistry and image analysis. Dr. Harris is also on the board of the California Society of Pathologists and was also recently elected to the CAP House of Delegates.

You can read more about Dr. Harris here.

APMG Storms Capital Hill

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Legend: CAP Pathologists gather on the capital steps for a photo op. Drs. Harris and Glassy are in the middle, second row from back. Panel discussion at the CAP Policy meeting. California Delegates Mike Dugan, Robert Freedman, and James Harris meet in Diane Feinstein's office.

APMG's pathologists James Harris, MD and Eric F. Glassy, MD attended the CAP Advocacy Meeting in Washington DC last April. They had a chance to engage senators and representatives to advocate for a CAP-sponsored bill to improve the local carrier determination process. You can read a summary of the meeting here and enroll in next year's Advocacy Meeting here.