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APMG at USCAP 2019

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Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group was well represented at the USCAP meeting in Washington DC.

Galen Cortina, MD, PhD received the Honored Mentor’ award from the USCAP Foundation. Inspired by his mentoring, Dr. Kristin Olson made a donation to the Foundation in honor of Dr. Cortina. A ribbon of honor was given to Dr. Cortina, recognizing the important role he played in Dr. Olson's life.

Eric F. Glassy, MD presented two talks. The first was part of the Transitional Pathologist evening specialty conference, entitled Making Pathology Visible. The second was part of a Digital Pathology Association conference entitled Digital Pathology: Quo Vadis: Where are You Going?

APMG Galen Cortina
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Galen Cortina, MD, PhD received the Honored Mentor’ award from the USCAP Foundation.

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Evening Specialty Conference presenters Eli Morey, Matt Kuhar, Ritu Nayar and Eric Glassy.


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Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group embarked on a Strategic Planning effort in 2011 which culminated in a full day seminar called Advance 1.0. (The program was similar to a retreat but we preferred to call it an Advance). APMG’s Strategic Plan assessed and defined the mission, vision, and goals that will drive APMG’s work and partnerships for the foreseeable future. We felt that by planning now and focusing our resources for the coming years, APMG would be able to respond to the rapid health care reform changes that are occurring in our environment, economy, and society. The program was successful and is now a yearly event. Our 8th Advance was held in July, 2018.

This years presenters and topics:
  • Suchetha Adiga, MD – HPV- Truths and Trivia
  • Nicholas Harding Jackson, MD – Common diagnostic dilemmas in GU pathology
  • Michelle Fajardo, DO – Breast Cancer: Changes In the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual, 8th Edition
  • James Harris, MD – CAP Advocacy/PathPAC/Leadership
  • Jeffrey Virgin, MD – Two Colon Polyposis Cases with Subtle Findings
  • Georgia Tunstill, MD – HER2 Testing in Breast Cancer; 2018 Guidelines
  • Eric Glassy, MD – The Future of Pathology is Artificial

A special thank you to those Physicians and Staff who helped with the planning, prizes and breakout sessions: Sharon VanWaardenburg, Stanette Kennebrew, JD, MBA and Drs. Rashidi, Peake, Duffy, Dellamaggiora and De Vito.

APMG's New President: James Harris, MD

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James Harris, MD is the new APMG president, directing the board of 7 pathologists, 18 shareholders and 40 pathologist members. He is medical director at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles and APMG Lab and also chariman of the APMG Recruitment Committee. He has extensive experience in flow cytometry, including technical only flow, immunohistochemistry and image analysis. Dr. Harris is also on the board of the California Society of Pathologists and was also recently elected to the CAP House of Delegates.

You can read more about Dr. Harris here.

APMG Storms Capital Hill

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Legend: CAP Pathologists gather on the capital steps for a photo op. Drs. Harris and Glassy are in the middle, second row from back. Panel discussion at the CAP Policy meeting. California Delegates Mike Dugan, Robert Freedman, and James Harris meet in Diane Feinstein's office.

APMG's pathologists James Harris, MD and Eric F. Glassy, MD attended the CAP Advocacy Meeting in Washington DC last April. They had a chance to engage senators and representatives to advocate for a CAP-sponsored bill to improve the local carrier determination process. You can read a summary of the meeting here and enroll in next year's Advocacy Meeting here.



Renowned Dermatopathologist, Dr. Scott Binder, joins APMG


Dr. Binder is a nationally and internationally known dermatopathologist with one of the largest consultative practices in the country.  He receives more than 6,000 second opinion consults on difficult and challenging cases in dermatopathology from academic institutions, reference laboratories and community pathology groups from all over the country as well as international cases from Greece, China, and Korea. Dr. Binder was inducted into the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in 2006.

Dr. Binder began his academic career as an Associate Clinical Professor at USC/LA County Medical Center, and was recruited by Cedars-Sinai as Director of Surgical Pathology and Head of Dermatopathology and Gastrointestinal Pathology. In 2001, Dr. Binder joined the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UCLA where he was Professor of Clinical Pathology and Professor of Dermatology. In 2006, Dr. Binder was appointed as Senior Vice Chair of the Department and Director of Clinical Pathology Services; in 2007, he was chosen as the Pritzker Family Chair of Clinical Pathology and Dermatology. In 2002, Dr. Binder founded the Dermatopathology Fellowship Program at UCLA and trained fellows for 15 years who hold both academic and community-based positions across the US. He has trained international scholars from countries including China, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Japan, and South Korea among others.

APMG is pleased to welcome Dr. Binder to our pathology group.

Olympia Medical Center is the Newest Hospital to Partner with APMG



Olympia Medical Center in a 204 bed acute care hospital serving the Los Angeles mid-Wilshire and metropolitan geographic population. The hospital is recognized for outstanding delivery of care in geriatric medicine, spine surgery, orthopedics, ophthalmology, minimally invasive surgery, and emergency care. It is a center of excellence for the Barnet Continent Intestinal Reservoir (BCIR) procedure. Sanja Krajisnik, MD is the pathology director.

APMG Pathologist Eric Glassy and the "Pathology Informatics Dream Team" Collaborate with FDA to Approve America’s First WSI System for Primary Diagnosis

For decades, the practice of anatomic pathology was thought to be limited to glass slides viewed under a microscope, and digital methods such as whole slide imaging (WSI) were thought to be wholly inferior. Recently, due to efforts by Dr. Glassy, an expert in digital pathology, and other digital pathology experts nationwide with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Philips’ Intellisite Pathology Solution is America’s first and only FDA-cleared WSI system for primary diagnosis. Read the full article from CAP Today here.

APMG Pathologist Thomas Hirose, MD, Invited to Speak at American Red Cross Conference


Dr. Thomas Hirose, APMG Pathologist, was selected to speak at the American Red Cross Regional Conference in Santa Ana on November 10th, 2016. Dr. Hirose’s presentation will cover a variety of concepts and interesting clinical cases in Coagulation.

Dr. Hirose is a regional and national expert for disorders of hemostasis and thrombosis. He serves as Director of Transfusion Medicine at several community hospitals in both los Angeles and Orange Counties, including Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance and Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in Laguna Hills.

APMG to Provide Pathology Services for Redlands Community Hospital


Starting September 1st, 2016, APMG will extend its pathology services to Redlands Community Hospital in Redlands, California. Dr. Si Nguyen, APMG Pathologist, was chosen to serve as Medical Director during this period.

Redlands Community Hospital is a 229-bed independent facility located between Los Angeles and Palm Springs, with service to this region for over a century. The hospital is staffed by 1400 employees, including 270 board-certified physicians and 300 volunteers; it also participates in 100 health plans. In 2016, the hospital earned the Healthgrades 2016 Patient Safety Excellence Award and the Healthgrades 2016 Outstanding Patient Experience Award.

More information about Redlands Community Hospital is available