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Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group has leveraged its expertise in information technology, internet services, and graphics design to create system improvements, value-added reports, documents, and software programs. Our goal is to improve the “production values” of departmental documents and develop a brand name in pathology recognized by patients and physicians as a hallmark of quality and excellence.
Members of our group are the leading experts in reading SpiraBrushCX™ cervical samples. We have examined more than 35,000 SpiraBrush biopsy cases. This is a new technique for the diagnosis of dysplasia that offers significant ease-of-use advantages and patient satisfaction.

APMG pathologists are involved on the state and national level with prominent pathology organizations. We have served as officers and committee chairmen. 

This involvement affords us a unique opportunity to quickly respond to changes in the political and professional aspects of our practice. We are often on the front lines of decision making in our profession and can bring innovations and upgrades to the hospital quickly.

We have considerable information systems experience. This is practical knowledge, born of close ties to each hospital’s IS department and day to day experience. We understand the importance of providing diagnostic information in a clear and concise format that clinicians and surgeons value. We work to maximize the systems in place and craft reports that are accurate, clear, and concise.

We have written several software programs for reporting FISH, HER2 and UryoVysion®, prostate biopsy survival data, and blood bank antibody summaries.  We can add images—both gross and microscopic—to pathology reports. These innovative reports have been recognized by the Dark Report and CAP Today. 

Knowing that communication goes beyond email and websites, we have begun to integrate social media into our professional lives. This is another way to drive our brand and enter into a dialogue with other professionals and patients. One of our pathologists is a blogger for the CAP’s new CAPconnect website. QR codes are becoming ubiquitous and we have embraced that as well.

APMG is known for its outstanding tumor conference presentations. We are adept at presenting digitized images using whole-slide imaging technology. We often interweave interesting educational presentations into the formal diagnostic discussions. We have also created specialized PowerPoint presentations and videos for clients, highlighting prostate and breast biopsy procedures.

We are proud of our innovative practices, but not all innovation involves technology. APMG sincerely believes in using the talents of our group to better the pathology department but more importantly to respond in a personal way to the needs of the our clients and the medical staff. Sometimes, that is innovative enough.

Other examples of our innovation are listed below: