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Custom Software

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APMG has created a number of customized software programs to help differentiate ourselves in the marketplace or simply make our jobs just a little easier. Samples of these programs are shown below.

Most of the software was developed to answer a specific need that the APLIS or HIS was unable to accomplish without a large expenditure. So we did the programming in-house for a fraction of the cost. Not only did we save time but the programs are easily adapted to changing needs and revised workflow. The goal was to solve a problem by involving all the stakeholders so that the finished product reflected a set of endpoints and metrics. In many instances, the programs reflected the final recommendation of a process improvement exercise using the tenets of PDSA or Six Sigma.

Several projects have been particularly successful—ePath Composer software creates best of breed prostate biopsy reports, PathTrac handles courier routing, PathFinder manages client supplies, PathFlow generates flow cytometry reports, and PathReport creates imaged-enhanced surgical pathology reports. We have partnered with UPS and IBM to create specimen tracking software.

All of these programs demonstrate the breadth of IT experience in APMG. They are practical solutions we use every day. A few of the more than 20 programs we have created are listed below.

PathFLOW is the program Pathology, Inc. uses to generate flow cytometry reports. The software interfaces with our Coulter Flow machines and then assists the hematopathologist in generating one page, headlined color reports.  The reports can be printed, faxed, or encrypted and emailed automatically. PathFlow also handles QC of cases, tracks cytogenetic and molecular sendouts, and provides client usage statistics.
PathReport software is used to create imaged path reports (so called ePath reports). It interfaces with our lab information system (Antrim). The program can print color hard copy, create PDFs, and also send files to color fax machines via an email client. PDFs are also uploaded into Atlas Labworks, a client electronic ordering and resulting software system. This software will transition to the J2 epath reporting system.
ePath Banker
ePath Banker is a software program designed to create blood bank antibody reports and transfusion reaction reports. Finding compatible blood for patients with an antibody may be time consuming. The report informs the clinician about what the antibody or antibodies are and how many units of blood may need to be screened to find compatible blood.
PathTrac is our customer relations management software that tracks client contact information, client inquiries, will calls, and courier routes. It also handles vehicle maintenance and integrates with our supply and warehouse software (PathFinder).
PathIHC tracks IHC stains and blocks. It provides monthly statistics for each client and prints slide labels and manifests of all cases returned to the client. It creates HTML code to keep the Pathology, Inc. IHC website up to date with the latest stains. In addition, all IHC stain information such as vendor, dilution, lot numbers, reaction patterns, utility, etc. are kept in this database.
ePath Composer
This commercial grade software program was developed to add images to pathology reports and to create best-of-breed prostate biopsy reports, (see this page). The reports can be printed to a color printer, faxed or encrypted and emailed to clients. The prostate reports are customizable for each client, including adding urologist’s logo. There are specialized reports for patients, including a treatment worksheet.