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Realtime Client Digital Slide Consultations

Digital Consultations are a way to share whole slide images with clients using a web browser. The microscopic slide is scanned and then can be shared over an internet connection. The pathologist and the clinician can view and discuss the case in detail. Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group and Pathology Inc. offer this service to any of our clients.

Digital Slide Consultations provide a new medium for pathologists and clinicians to review and discuss cases. Clinicians can view digitized whole slide images with APMG pathologists via a secure website allowing them to “see what the pathologist sees.”

The viewing experience is much like a double-headed microscope—the digital image is easily moved and zoomed like a glass slide, allowing the pathologist to focus in on areas of concern. Annotations can also be added. Viewing control can be transferred from the pathologist to the clinician, allowing for more in-depth discussion.

The process requires a phone, a computer, and ImageScope software (free from the Aperio website). The software is installed on the clinician’s computer and the pathologist’s computer. At an appointed time, the pathologist contacts the clinician, launches the software, and discusses the case. 

APMG believes that this technology a terrific way to engage the client and discuss a complicated case. The only drawback is the need to scan the slide ahead of time but turn-around-time for scanning is short—just a few minutes.