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Vision and Mission Statements

To provide innovative pathology solutions that enable healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes. 

Our group has a proven track record of making a significant difference in every hospital and laboratory to which we provide professional direction. Our continued success is tied to a combination of good medical practice, appropriate business support, information technology advances, ethical billing practices, strength in the market place and superior quality of rendered services. We are directed and owned by our pathologists members with each hospital Medical Director responsible for decisions in conjunction with the administration on site. Support for pathology services and expert pathologists in APMG are provided as requested by the Medical Director and administration. Technology allows us to instantly query each other about changing problems, complicated cases or updates. We have developed a type of neural network learning pattern that allows each of us to rapidly adapt best practice procedures.

President's Vision


My vision for APMG is that we will be the preferred provider of pathology services in our healthcare market. This is achievable because of the exceptional expertise, talents and breadth of experience that the individuals in our group collectively possess. 

Clinical Excellence
To move toward this goal, we must continue to identify and hire the most highly talented and trained candidates with both general and subspecialty expertise. 

Cooperative Partnerships
We must form mutually beneficial partnerships with hospitals and hospital systems, clinical laboratories, and physician groups. 

We must be good stewards of our human and financial capital, using our resources wisely and effectively to achieve optimal outcomes for our patients, clients, and ourselves. 

APMG Culture
We must deliver our services with excellence, pride, passion, integrity, and innovation. 

We must be supportive and respectful of one another, always working as a team to achieve our goals. 

We must hold one another accountable to realize our vision. 

Patient Centered
And we must always remember that our primary imperative is to care for our patients to the best of our ability.

James B. Harris, MD
Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group