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World Wide Digital Pathology Consultation Services

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APMG offers its extensive digital pathology expertise to clients throughout the world. We are a pioneer in and early adopter of this disruptive technology.

Digital Pathology provides the ability to digitize a microscopic slide into a whole slide image that can then be visualized on a computer monitor and shared via an internet browser.

We have 40 board-certified pathologists who are experts in their field, ready to review your whole slide scans. APMG offers secondary consultations, primary reads, and triage services.

We have developed our own ePath reporting system. An example of our state-of-the-art surgical pathology reports is shown below. Note that it includes headlines, clear and concise diagnoses at the top of the report, and digital microscopic images.

Reports can be tailored to your needs and run the gamut from client-branded integrated reports that incorporate molecular testing, immunohistochemistry results and whole slide image links to more simple, non-imaged reports. The format is based on client needs.

Besides our own reporting and whole slide imaging system, we have joined the Professional Network of
Xifin, as noted below. (XIFIN ProNet was formerly PathCentral ProNet.)


XIFIN ProNet delivers powerful consulting and collaboration tools, including universal digital pathology slide tools that do no depend on proprietary digital slide accessibility or closed network integration. The turnkey system provides laboratorians, physicians, and patients, easy access to secondary consultations with pathologists around the world.

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APMG participates in the Xifin Professional Network, pathology’s most comprehensive online information exchange and digital consultation forum. The Network gives us the opportunity to collaborate on cases anywhere in the world. You can read about the partnership in Keith Kaplan's Digital Pathology Blog.

β€œThe Xifin Professional Network will provide our pathologists with exciting new opportunities to collaborate on cases on a global basis. Our group has a proven track record of making a significant difference in every hospital and laboratory to which we provide professional direction. Our continued success is tied to a combination of good medical practice, appropriate business support, information technology advances, ethical billing practices, strength in the marketplace and superior quality of rendered services. We see the Xifin ProNet – which is open to all β€” as a watershed development for diagnostic medicine. Digital pathology is poised to expand the reach of every pathologist beyond his or her backyard to patients and practices the world over.”
Robin A. Moore, MD, former president of APMG


We have pathologists who speak Egyptian, Farsi, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish.

Contact our manager, Stanette Kenebrew, for details.

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